Can Launchpad be accessed outside of school?

Yes, with a current site licence your students will be able to login and access Launchpad from any place with an internet connection. When accessed from home for example, it offers parents an opportunity to get involved with subject choice and career planning.

Do my students need to enter any personal details?

Here at CASCAID we take the security of our products and users extremely seriously. We do not hold any personal data and users of Launchpad are only required to enter their first and last name along with an email address which is used only in the case of a forgotten password. The company does not contact any young person directly or share their details with any third party.

Can I check how my students are doing?

A subscription to Launchpad includes access to CASCAID Manager which allows you to track and monitor students. You can see how much of Launchpad each person has completed and a summary of their activity. You can also allocate users to tutor groups and get reports which can be useful to prompt discussions in a one-to-one advice interview or to discuss with parents.

What age group can I use Launchpad with?

Suitable for 11-13 year olds, Launchpad ignites interest in career, skills and subjects and supports future choices.

What do I need to run Launchpad?

You will need a reasonable internet connection to accommodate the number of students accessing the product. We support the most up-to-date versions of the major internet browsers, IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You will also require sound to listen to the videos.