We’re CASCAID! Nice to meet you!

We’re a passionate team on a mission to create successful futures–it’s why we all get up in the morning. Collaborating to do great things together and deliver delight for educators and students is what unites us as a team.

Zoë Russell

Customer Success Manager

My childhood dream career: dentist

Ella Bujok

Managing Director

My childhood dream career: interior designer

Nick McAuliffe

Engineering Manager (Xello)

My childhood dream career: computer games programmer

Sam Green

Onboarding Manager

My childhood dream career: electrician or a bus driver

Lynette Daly

Product Manager (Xello)

My childhood dream career: ballet dancer

Al Jordan

Senior Content Experience Designer

My childhood dream career: astronaut

George Ferrier

Senior Marketing Operations Manager (Xello)

My childhood dream career: microbiologist

Jack Souster

Content Writer

My childhood dream career: professional footballer

Debbie Ward

Customer Success Manager

My childhood dream career: working with horses

Matt McQuillen

Xello Chief Executive Officer / CASCAID Director

Jeff Harris

Xello President / CASCAID Director

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We’re always on the lookout for passionate, talented individuals to join our growing team.