Kudos AD

Kudos AD (previously Adult Directions) is the leading digital careers platform offering all users information and advice to support career choices.

Used extensively by career development specialists, Kudos AD matches users to careers based on a personal profile developed through an interest inventory and skills analysis. This supports users to identify pathways into careers.

Committed to deliver impartial and independent high quality careers support which provides accurate and up-to-date information, Kudos AD offers an interactive online career programme tailored to individual needs. Trusted by careers advisers, Kudos AD is packed with ample features that help adults in a range of settings to evaluate their options and plan their future.

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Key Features

Flexible entry routes Flexible entry routes

Whether a client is looking for a new direction following redundancy, needing information to help them with a job application or wanting to discover more about the training and/or learning opportunities that will help them get back into work, Kudos AD gives users the flexibility to get the information that they need to help them move forward quickly and easily.

Identifies skills Identifies skills

We know that after periods of unemployment users can feel that they do not have skills that employers value. Kudos AD assesses each users skills, not only those developed in work but also from volunteering, learning and life in general. This motivates users to discover the careers in which they can use their existing skills and clearly shows them the opportunities that open up if they develop their skills further.

Inspiring, detailed information Inspiring, detailed information

When users are making decisions about their career, work and learning options, we know that it is crucial that their decisions are properly informed. Kudos AD gives users information on what's involved in getting into different careers, how much they can expect to earn, what career progression opportunities there are, and most importantly, how well suited the career is to their interests and skills.

Live job opportunities Live job opportunities

Kudos AD allows users to discover the local opportunities that are available immediately in the careers that they are interested in. This enables them to judge whether retraining for a new career is worthwhile and what the demand is in their locality.

Benefits of Kudos AD

How does Kudos AD help me to get my users into work?

By showing users the careers that suit their existing skills and interests, they are more likely to discover new opportunities that they can stick with. It shows them the jobs that are available local to them so that they can apply for them immediately.

Need help targeting adviser interventions?

Advisers can track client activity and identify the support that each client needs to help them move forward. Detailed client reports enable the impact of face-to-face support to be maximised by informed guidance.

Need support for users facing barriers to work?

Kudos AD includes specific support for users experiencing health conditions, those who need to manage significant out of work commitments such as lone parents, as well as ex-offenders, people with disabilities. refugees and asylum seekers and those that have experienced significant periods of unemployment.

Limited budget to spend on client resources?

Our flexible licence options means that there is a cost-effective way to provide users with support to plan their new career. Whether it's an organisation-wide licence covering every client or an adviser licence to cover a small case load, there is a licence option to suit and could cost less than 50p per client.


Kudos AD is the best way to get users thinking about new options whether it's a new career or returning to learning.

CraigGuidance Adviser, Local Authority

Kudos AD is a great motivator when users have convinced themselves that there is no career they can do.

AliSenior Employment Adviser, Welfare to Work Provider

It's perfect for learners nearing the end of a course who don't know what to do giving them options that they hadn't thought of.

BaljitStudent Services Adviser, FE College

The analysis means that when I sit down with a client, I already have a good idea of the most relevant options to discuss.

DavidVocational Rehabilitiation Specialist

Why choose Kudos AD?

Fresh starts and sustainable new careers begin with Kudos AD, the guidance tool trusted by advisers to provide users with new direction.

Developed with a range of users in mind, including those who are looking to return to work after a period of unemployment, those leaving education or training, who have been made redundant or who need to find a new occupation following illness or injury, Kudos AD gives users the information and analysis that they need to enable them to find opportunities which suit their skills, interests and needs.

Kudos AD ensures that users make informed decisions about what careers to pursue and what learning or training is worthwhile investing in. Kudos AD also provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on hundreds of careers.

Kudos AD offers adults of all ages and abilities an outstanding online career and skills matching program that supports their career and employment decisions. Kudos AD offers flexible entry routes for users allowing them to compare careers to their work interests and/or skills.

Based on their responses, a list of suitable careers is identified. Details for each of these careers can be easily viewed. users can explore opportunities by filtering their results using salary level, types of work and employment style (for example, part-time or self-employed). Guidance is provided throughout the program.

To help users with the next step in their career, they can complete a personalised Career Plan. As they move through the program they can add careers and articles of interest to their Career Plan. A skill check feature also compares the client’s own skills to the careers that they are interested in. This helps them to set career and skills development goals.


Kudos AD has always been a key part of the support that we deliver. We know that we can rely on it to give our users the ideas and information they need to get onto a more positive road.

Terry, adviser delivering training and employment support at a rehabiliation charity