Kudos boasts a wide range of features, each designed to support young people in planning for their future and exploring the world of careers, training and further education.

Aimed at students aged 13-19, Kudos delivers a personalised experience.

Key features include:

  • Career ideas generator based on interests and aspirations
  • Up-to-date, impartial careers information
  • Different starting points which reflect student needs
  • Easy to understand labour market information
  • Transparent results to aid students’ self awareness
  • Links school subjects to careers
  • Integrated action plan
  • Lesson resources
  • Structured CV builder
  • Suite of reports for teacher/adviser monitoring and tracking
  • Live Apprenticeships vacancies linked to careers
  • Post-16 courses which offer progression into each career
  • Information on the University courses relevant to each career
  • UCAS Personal Statement builder with tutor feedback facility
  • Real-time job vacancies


Exploration starting points

With Kudos, young people can explore their career choice by using four starting points:


Exploration starting points

1. Take the test to find your perfect career

Gives ideas based on interests and aspirations

2. Explore Subjects

Shows the careers that each subject can lead to






3. Explore Work Areas 

Encourages exploration of areas of work such as engineering, law, retail, animals etc

4. Explore Careers

Provides detailed information on hundreds of careers

Informed decisions

Kudos provides impartial, up-to-date information on over 1,700 career titles along with the option to add boosters to support post-16 and post-18 choices

  • What's involved in the job
  • The skills and qualities employers are looking for
  • Job prospects and progression
  • Real-life insight with video interviews
  • Qualifications and training needed
  • Essential subjects and grades needed
  • Relevant post 16 and 18 courses linked to careers
  • Links to professional and industry bodies

Transparent results

Kudos generates results that enable and encourage young people to develop greater awareness of themselves and careers. We use our unique interest inventory which enables young people to see exactly why they get the results that they do.

Action plan

Puts students in control of their own future success.

With an integrated action planning tool, students can drive their journey of discovery by setting goals to help them explore and put a plan into action to help them achieve their learning and career objectives. The latest version of Kudos includes Headstart ideas which show students what they can do right now to boost their skills and engage in activities which will help them stand out and give them a competitive edge in the future. Teachers and advisers can access reports on each students action plan which enables them to support each student more effectively.

Action plan

Labour market

We know that it’s important for students to build realistic career plans. Labour market information is a great way for students to make informed decisions by illustrating how competitive the career is, how many vacancies there are and whether demand for people to carry out the role is increasing or in decline. It’s crucial that this information is presented in a way that young people can make sense of. We don’t believe that lots of statistics are the right way to do this so Kudos includes easy to understand illustrations which give students they key facts about what is happening in the labour markets. With our upgrades students will also discover the progression options that can lead them to the careers that they are considering.

Labour market