New features and updates to Kudos AD & CASCAID Manager

Users are at the heart of everything we do. We invest in product experience involving people every step of the way. This ensures that our products achieve our mission of helping young people and adults to understand more about themselves, their options and to develop goals and plans aimed at creating a successful future.

Our latest new features and updates to Kudos AD and CASCAID Manager are no exception!

Kudos AD:

Used extensively by career development specialists, Kudos AD matches users to careers based on a personal profile developed through an interest inventory and skills analysis.

  • A new feature called ‘My Experience’ has been added, which allows users to record their previous work, employers and skills gained. Users can record previous jobs and update their skills responses based on the work experience they have gained.
  • A person’s CV is often their first chance to impress a potential employer; the CV Builder layout has been refreshed and now includes anything that is added via the new ‘My Experience’ feature. Users can edit the information and update their skills too.

CASCAID Manager:

Free with every subscription, CASCAID Manager is our powerful management and tracking suite that will allow you to monitor and evaluate your users’ activity and better support their career guidance supervision.

  • The login page has been updated to improve the ‘login process’ and make it clearer for teachers and career advisers to access.
  • A new ‘User Feedback’ tab has been added allowing advisers to view and respond to requests for ‘UCAS or Course feedback’ and ‘Users’ Questions.’

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Kudos AD



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