Kudos Case Study – The Elizabethan Academy

The Elizabethan Academy in Retford, Nottinghamshire is passionate about discovering and developing the talents of all young people and helping them to realise their ambitions.

Learning Resource Centre Manager Mrs Lewis, and IAG Adviser Mrs Edgar, have been using Kudos since the start of the academic year.

Mrs Lewis and Mrs Edgar said, “We have been using Kudos with students in Years 8 to 11. This includes students with a full range of abilities.”

“Students have really engaged with Kudos. They like the career information summaries.”

“We are finding that the subject link and LMI information is helping them to make well informed, realistic decisions.”

“The new version includes four pathways which is very useful as some students know their career path, while others do not.”

“Having subjects linked to careers is a very valuable tool for students to use for helping to choose their options.”

“The transparency of the matching in Kudos, with the ability for students to see why each career is suggested, is very good for showing students how their answers to the questions relate to the career.”

“We have also found that it is much easier for students to explore their own career ideas with the new layout in Kudos.”

“The addition of job groups has also made the program much easier to use.”

 “One of the key benefits that Kudos gives students is knowing where and how they can access good and impartial IAG.”

“With Kudos, students are able to direct and navigate careers exploration themselves and then ask for further advice if needed.”

“Kudos helps us to raise student’s aspirations because they can clearly see the progression routes on a range of careers and jobs at all levels.”

“Having access to the LMI and the relevant qualifications needed for careers helps to support the IAG that we give.”

Year 8 student Finn said, “Using Kudos was really good because all of the information that we needed was available in one place.”


To find out more about Kudos, click here.

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