Announcing our latest impact report – The Future of Work

We are very pleased to announce our latest impact report – The Future of Work: An analysis of the impact of technology on careers education.

In our report, we reflect on how past generational differences have shaped the workplace and consider how careers education can support students as they seek to develop the skills they need for a successful future.

With the support of research experts at Education and Employers and drawing on real data from students across the country using our education software, Kudos, the report provides some interesting insight into how they assess their skill levels in comparison to employers and whether the aspirations of post-millennials match up to the UK’s Industrial Strategy.



This year, CASCAID celebrates 50 years in careers education; we have witnessed the development first-hand – from paper-based interest assessments to resources on CD-Roms to interactive web-based applications. We have seen how technology can be used to engage students, enhance career provision and ease the burden on educators and are truly excited about what the future holds and the next generation of careers technology.

To read our report, download your copy here.