Free with every subscription, CASCAID Manager is our powerful management and tracking suite that will allow you to monitor and evaluate your users’ activity and better support their career guidance supervision.

Allowing for in-depth data to be gathered, as well as the option to organise by group/cohort or filter by activity, CASCAID Manager is designed to help you identify where users are within the guidance process, enabling you to plan interventions and meaningful support.

Using CASCAID Manager you can track activity in:


Comprehensive data Comprehensive data

Captured to help you be more targeted with the support you offer and identify key intervention areas.

Report management Report management

Management report and progress overview as well as individual reports to support guidance interviews, follow-up discussions and interactions with parents.

Live Dashboard Live Dashboard

For at-a-glance information on favourite subjects, careers and work areas to help activity planning including employer engagement.

Access to resources Access to resources

Lesson resources and guides for advisers, teachers, clients, young people, parents and SLT.

Benefits of using CASCAID Manager

Completely free of charge

CASCAID Manager comes free with every Kudos, Kudos AD and Launchpad licence.

Better support your users

CASCAID Manager helps identify how you can better support your users. The downloadable reports can also be forwarded to Ofsted to demonstrate the steps you are taking to help your users with their career journey.

Effective and secure

You have the opportunity to set up multiple members of staff who are able to login and view their own student groups and monitor their progress. You and your colleagues will have unique and secure, individual usernames and passwords.

Filter the data you need

The dashboard can be customised so you can view the information that matters to you and include it in your reports.


How do I log into CASCAID Manager

To access CASCAID Manager you will need to enter your CASCAID Manager username and password. Please call 01509 226868 if you require assistance.

How much does CASCAID Manager cost?

All CASCAID products include free access to CASCAID Manager.

How do I access CASCAID Manager?

CASCAID Manager can be found on the login page of our website. You will need your licence code and Manager password.

Can I setup multiple users?

Yes, you can create up to 200 users at a time. The username and passwords are generated so you don’t have to do this.

As a school looking for a careers tool that would provide reliable data and engage all stakeholders, free access to CASCAID Manager, as part of our Kudos subscription, is invaluable. It was important that we had the capacity to demonstrate and measure the impact of our careers guidance support. CASCAID Manager and Kudos offer everything we are looking for and more.

Senior Teacher at Secondary School