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What is New Kudos?

New Kudos is a new version of the UK’s most popular impartial careers guidance and information program that helps young people plan their future and make informed decisions.

New Kudos is ideal for 13-19 year olds.  It provides young people with a personalised experience which enables them to explore careers and learning pathways based on their interests and aspirations. They can get ideas of careers that they might like, explore their own career ideas, discover where their favourite subjects could take them and uncover a world of opportunities in different areas of work.

Using our unique, transparent analysis of their personal preferences, each young person will discover why some careers are better suited to them than others as well as developing a greater understanding of themselves and all of their future options.

With up-to-date information on hundreds of careers, New Kudos equips a young person with everything they need to know to make the best possible career decisions.

New Kudos is an inspirational careers tool that inspires young people with their future choices.

What’s new in New Kudos?

We have included a lot of new features within New Kudos, including:

    • Labour market information shown through easy to understand graphics to highlight at a glance the future employment projections in each relevant career.
    • Four exploration routes through the program. We understand young people explore their future careers differently so we have created four routes through our program. Some students may need careers ideas to explore whilst others may have a clear idea of what career they are interested in. All students can work through the program at their own pace to end up at the stage where they can make informed decisions about their future.
    • Full integration with Careerscape removes the need for customers to access two programs to view important information including, case studies, video and HE information. This will now all be accessible directly in New Kudos.
    • A new design has been created in New Kudos after discussions and feedback from customers and users. The new design is based on the notion that exploring careers is a journey for young people. Below is an example of how the new design and additional features will look like in New Kudos.
    • A structured CV Builder to allow young people to easily construct their first CV.

For more information on the new functionality, please click here.