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What is Careerscape?

Careerscape supports young people and adults with an inspiring online careers resource that is ideal for careers research and complements the use of the matching programs, Kudos and Adult Directions.

To help users with their careers research, Careerscape offers further in-depth information on careers such as real-life case studies, video footage of people at work, photographs and sound clips. As well as providing careers information, Careerscape helps users with the surrounding issues that affect career choice such as education/training options, employment issues, subjects, higher education courses and lifestyle issues.

Careers leaflets can also be easily produced by using a built-in printing facility that offers a range of styles.

For 13-19 year olds:

Careerscape is the perfect accompaniment to Kudos. Young people can access information on subjects, study and training options and qualifications. They can also view details of over 43,000 UCAS higher education courses. Lifestyle articles help to tackle broader social issues and Subject Link articles help young people understand how subjects link to particular careers.

Careerscape seamlessly integrates with Kudos to add extra features to the program. These include: over 300 high quality career videos, printable career information leaflets, over 500 Real Live case studies and university-level course information linked to relevant careers.

Careerscape can also be used as part of the ASDAN Careers and Experiencing Work Short Course which provides students with a structured programme to support the delivery of careers and work-related education.

For adults:

Careerscape is ideal for those who are in the early stages of career planning or who wish to carry out their own careers research. Careerscape complements the use of Adult Directions. There are a range of articles on issues in employment and training, including advice for ex-offenders, disabled people and lone parents. Career interview videos and case studies provide an insight into what individual careers are really like.