Paws in Jobland Resources

Lesson Plans

Available for use with Paws in Jobland is a wide range of lesson resources designed to maximise class time. Teachers and advisors can utilise these resources to plan and implement engaging lessons that encourage pupils to learn more about the world of work, and explore potential careers.

Choose from the lesson resources below to download:

Worksheet 1 - Exploring with Paws

Worksheet 2 - ABC Search

Worksheet 3 - Step by Step

Worksheet 4 - A Day in the Life

Worksheet 5 - Top of the Jobs

Worksheet 6 - Job Vacancy

Worksheet 7 - The Job For You

Worksheet 8 - Subject Matters

Worksheet 9 - Family and Friends

Worksheet 10 - Just the Job

Worksheet 11 - People in our School

Worksheet 12 - Working Life

Worksheet 13 - Paws the News Hound

Worksheet 14 - Job Talk

Worksheet 15 - Jobland in the Classroom

Worksheet 16 - Calling Jobland

Worksheet 17 - Health and Safety

Worksheet 18 - Jobs and Places

Worksheet 19 - Dream Job

Worksheet 20 - Catch of the Day

Worksheet 21 - Number Crunch

Paws in Jobland Colouring Sheet

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