Kudos Resources

Guides to get started

Developed with young people, teachers and advisers in mind, our range of guides are informative and easy-to-follow, making accessing and using Kudos easy to do.

To get started using your Kudos subscription, simply download the right guide for your needs:

A Users Guide to Kudos

This user guide is for students about to start their career journey.

Teachers & Advisers Guide to Kudos

This guide is to support teachers/advisers when help students through Kudos.

Teachers/Advisers Guide to Logging In

This document with inform you how to log in and how to set up your students ready to use Kudos.

Login Cards

A handy way to tell your students about Kudos and includes a space for your licence code so students know how to get access.

After using Kudos: Student Debrief

This guide provides advice on how to debrief students after they have used Kudos

Parent's Guide to Careers Guidance

This is a parent/guardians guide to careers guidance so they can support their children.

Are you ready to get started?

This booklet will help you get started with your licence.

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