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Careers Reports

With over 1.5 million current users of our cloud-based careers guidance services, we are able to produce an annual Careers Report to showcase unparalleled insight into the career interests and highlight the choices of young people in the UK. Such data offers clear insights and understanding of young people in relation to the world of work and potential career paths.

The data is analysed for national skills gaps and perception issues as well as drilling down to regional or local levels. We share the findings of our data to improve outcomes for young people, to inform policy and monitor particular problem areas such as the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) career interest and skills area.

CASCAID is pleased to announce the latest Careers Report – Big data, big insights: investigating the aspirations of young people. The report captures data that can be used to analyse broad trends in the career interests that young people have, their aspirations and their perceptions of ability. Click the cover of the desired report to download.



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