Paws in Jobland


How do I access Paws in Jobland?

To use Paws in Jobland you need a current subscription. When you take out a subscription, you will receive a licence code. You can find this on your licence certificate. If you need a reminder, please contact us.

Once you have a subscription you can issue it to your pupils and they can then log in.

How do my pupils access Paws in Jobland?

When you subscribe to Paws in Jobland you will receive a licence code. You can give this code to pupils who then enter it to access the program.

What age group can I use Paws in Jobland with?

Paws in Jobland has been designed for 7-11 year olds and it supports the delivery of the KS2 curriculum. The program may also be useful for older pupils/students who have special educational needs. If you would like to discuss how to use Paws with different cohorts please get in touch with us.

How do I access Paws in Jobland worksheets?

A set of pupil handouts and teachers notes which cover lesson activities can be downloaded from the website here.