Paws in Jobland


Fun and interactive, Paws in Jobland is a great first introduction into the world around us and job roles. Key features include:

  • Interactive Jobland with 21 different places to explore
  • Interviews where children hear from over 100 people who each do a different job
  • Jobfinder quiz shows children where they might want to think about working in the future
  • Puzzle quiz encourages pupils to test and reflect on what they’ve learnt
  • Worksheets and teacher notes guide lesson activities


Discovering the world of work

Paw in Jobland develops childrens’ skills and knowledge by¬†encouraging them to explore and investigate people and places in their community and further afield. Whilst at KS2 children aren’t deciding on their future career, it is important that they develop knowledge of the world around them and start to develop aspirations which will encourage their acheivement and interest in learning.



Discovering the world of work


Jobfinder helps children to think about what they are interested in, developing their self awareness. By telling Paws about what they are interested in through a short series of questions, children can discover which places in Jobland include jobs that they might like to find out more about.


The puzzle quiz encourages reflective learning by asking children to answer multiple choice questions about what they have discovered in Jobland. This encourages them to explore Jobland and learn more about the people that work there. Pupils get instant feedback and when they complete the quiz are rewarded with an interactive puzzle to complete.


Jobland is a fun, interactive place to explore where children can investigate places that they might be familiar with such as a school and shops as well as other locations that might be new to them including a construction site, TV station and Emergency Services depot. Interviews with people who do a range of different jobs helps children to grow their awareness of the world around them.


Paws Worksheets are ready to use lesson activities which link to many areas of the KS2 curriculum. Handouts for pupils are included along with detailed teacher notes outlining required resources, answers to problems posed to pupils, curriculum links plus extension activities.

Interactive engagement

Paws in Jobland is designed to make learning about the world of work fun.

  • Animated guidance throughout
  • Audio interviews covering different jobs
  • Challenges stereotypes with positive examples
  • Puzzles bolster problem solving skills
  • Activities support the development of literacy skills
  • Develops personal awareness
  • Introduction to 118 different jobs
  • Links to CDI Careers and Employability Framework

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