Paws in Jobland

Paws in Jobland is an engaging IT resource that introduces children to the world around them and the jobs that people in their community do.

With the help of ‘Paws’ a friendly animated dog, children can begin to explore the world of careers, visiting places such as a hospital, office, building site and airport to find out what people do there.

Aimed at children aged 7 to 11, a combination of narration and text makes it easy for children to follow the on-screen action while developing their reading and listening skills. With the aid of an interactive quiz, which helps develop problem-solving and ICT skills, children are encouraged to reflect on their learning.

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Key Features

Exploring the world of work Exploring the world of work

Paws guides pupils on a journey around different places in Jobland where they'll discover what work takes place and who does what, helping to develop awareness and supporting the citizenship curriculum.

Reading and listening skills Reading and listening skills

Pupils get the opportunity to interact with people who do a variety of jobs. This introduces a new language and concept to the pupils which they are encouraged to reflect on in the fun quiz.

Supports KS2 Curriculum Supports KS2 Curriculum

We know that it can be difficult to find space within the curriculum so we have created a suite of activities which means that Paws in Jobland can be used to deliver elements of both compulsory and recommended subjects.

Expanding horizons Expanding horizons

Ideas and aspirations about future options can become fixed early. With Paws children get the chance to find out about the broadest range of opportunities as early as possible to help set their targets high for their future.

Benefits of Paws in Jobland

How does Paws support the curriculum?

Paws in Jobland links to a range of KS2 curriculum subjects including English, Mathematics, ICT, Citizenship, Design & Technology, PSHE and Geography.

We don't have a lot of free time to use programs like this.

Paws includes a range of activities which can engage students for 10 minutes up to an hour. They can also access the program at home perfect for mini-projects and getting parents involved.

Our teachers aren't careers specialists

The careers information is very light touch so there is no need for specialist knowledge. The lesson plans come with teacher resources to make them easy to use for all teachers.

What cross-curricular learning will it support?

Paws helps pupils to develop in a range of areas including IT skills, literacy, communication, problem solving and thinking skills. It also builds confidence by encouraging them to question and challenge preconceptions.


Paws in Jobland encourages children to think of themselves in the real world of work in a fun, child-friendly way.


Paws has been a great follow up to our Aspirations Week activity, helping pupils to find out about what different people do.

AmandaYear 5 class teacher

The Paws lesson are great. The activities show the children how what we do in school relates to different jobs.

KalDeputy Head and SEN Lead

Because of the limitations of what they know, it has been good for them to broaden their knowledge and experiences.

Mr WakelandAssistant Headteacher

Why choose Paws in Jobland?

Paws in Jobland is an easy-to-use online educational tool that introduces children aged 7 to 11 to a variety of jobs.

In Paws in Jobland, children can explore a town called ‘Jobland’ with the help of Paws, an animated dog. Paws helps children to meet people in different job areas and find out about what jobs they do. This is helped with audio narration and on-screen text, supporting the development of reading and listening skills.

Children can navigate around Jobland and explore places such as a hospital, office, building site, shops and an airport. The online program also offers children a fun interactive quiz that encourages problem-solving and develops ICT skills.


Paws in Jobland helps teachers to deliver many elements of the Key Stage 2 Curriculum in a range of subjects, including English, Mathematics, ICT, Design and Technology, Art and Design, Citizenship, PSHE and Geography.

A set of Paws in Jobland worksheets and teachers notes accompany the program to provide useful and interesting lesson ideas. Pupils can use Paws in Jobland to help them complete a range of activities which also support cross-curriculum themes, including creativity, key skills and thinking skills.

Paws in Jobland can also be used as a careers exploration tool for older pupils with additional needs.


Paws in Jobland relates really well with work that we have been doing around the children’s aspirations and dreams. They get excited particularly when they come across a job that they had thought about themselves.

Mrs Perkins, Year 6 teacher