Moving On magazine

In full glossy print, online and available in a variety of accessible formats through our partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People. Moving On brings interviews with employees, information on education and training options and labour market information together in one place.

A trusted source delivered into over 3,400 schools in England, Moving On pulls together the careers information that young people want and presents this in a visually appealing and easy to read way.

We also offer young people work experience where they can develop their research and writing skills under the supervision of the editorial team.

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What is Moving On?

The key characteristics of Moving On are that it is:


Moving On does not advise young people on what choices to make. The purpose of the magazine is to provide impartial and helpful information on different qualification types, educational, career and job choices and we aim to do this in the clearest way possible.


We have worked in partnership with the RNIB for several years. This allows us to ensure that the magazine is accessible to blind and partially sighted people in audio or DAISY CD, Braille and big print formats.

Accessibility isn’t just about producing the magazine in different formats; it’s also about the language that we use. We work with young people to make sure that our magazine is written in a way that they can understand and that they want to read.

Linked to labour market information

We access up to date skills shortage occupation lists, labour market information at both national and regional levels and apprenticeship data. This allows us to provide content which not only explains what it would be like to do a particular job, but also what opportunities exist.



Each issue of Moving On has an industry theme and over the year we cover every industry sector. Our hugely successful Results Day Guide covers careers in every industry area as well as offering information on different educational choices. It also importantly covers everything that young people and their parents need to know about results day.

Not just for young people

Although the greatest percentage of our readership is young people, Moving On is also incredibly popular with teachers, careers advisers and parents. Parents often do not understand the qualification choices available to their children and have limited understanding of the huge variety of occupations that exist or might exist in the future.

The moving on team does the research for you. We work with experts and we collate and combine all the necessary information and pass this on – so parents, careers advisers and teachers can use Moving On as a tool to facilitate not just their own understanding but to open a dialogue with children and pupils in order to support them in their educational and career decision making.


“[Moving On] magazine provides a really helpful way to reach young people, schools and careers advisers and will be a valuable resource to pupils.” – Dan York-Smith, Private Secretary to the Prime Minister

“Moving On magazine is an ideal media partner for The Skills Show, helping us to bring our messages about skills, vocational education and apprenticeships directly to young people as they are considering their next step.” – Rona Hunnisett, Social Media and Audience Relations Manager-The Skills Show

“Moving On magazine is popular with students across the school and stimulates career discussions. As well as leaving them in the library and common areas, we keep copies to give to individual students when they have a specific career interest. The information is always accurate, the layout is sharp, and the writing teenage-friendly; especially features written by young people on their experience of study or work, highly recommended.”  – David Wallace Careers Manager Finalist: CDI Careers Educator of the Year

Why Choose Moving On?

Moving On is accessible

In full glossy print, online and available in a variety of accessible formats Moving On brings interviews with employees, information on all education and training options and labour market information together in one place, in a format that young people enjoy and can understand.

Moving On is impartial

The Moving On team will never suggest that one option is better than any other. We will however provide all that information that you need about future job growth or shrinkage and the pros and cons of all options.

Moving On is inclusive

We work with experts in all industry areas as well as charities. At Moving On we don’t believe that the career you have should be dictated by personal characteristics that have no impact on your ability to do the job. We believe that young people need to see themselves represented in careers resources and we endeavour always to promote equality and diversity through our materials.

Moving On is cost effective

As a subscriber to Moving On, you receive your magazines directly to your home / school for only the price of postage and packing. The magazine itself is free. This takes into account having to balance ever-shrinking school budgets with the need to provide effective and impartial careers information for pupils.

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