Designed to help students develop an awareness of the world of careers and make the right personal choices, Launchpad is easily integrated into existing methods of delivery. Packed with a range of features it includes:

  • Skills profiling quiz which provides results after just 20 questions
  • Ability to identify Functional Skills strengths and areas for improvement
  • PLTS (Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills) diagnostic tool
  • Information on subjects
  • Built-in controls that allow schools to just show options available locally
  • Illustrates the skills needed to study subjects at Key Stage 4
  • Highlights routes from subjects into careers
  • Information on over 500 careers
  • Over 400 high-quality videos
  • Over 3,200 photographs of people in the workplace
  • Case study interviews with people about their jobs
  • ‘Action Plan’ feature which records achievements and encourages goal setting

Flexible exploration throughout KS3


Although students won’t be making defined choices about their future career in KS3, they are making conscious and sub-conscious decisions about what they are interested in and what to engage with. They will also be developing¬†perceptions ¬†about their own abilities and how careers and subjects relate to them.

To support this, Launchpad provides impartial information in a fun, easy to understand format whilst also developing awareness of strengths and future goals.



Flexible exploration throughout KS3

An introduction to the world of work

Launchpad shows students a wide range of careers across different career areas, broadening their horizons and illustrating the breadth of opportunities that are available within different sectors. They learn the basics about what is involved and view video case studies where people who do the job share insight into what they do and what it is like.

Personalised skills profiling

By answering a short scenario based assessment, students are presented with their own skills profile. They can see their strengths and which skill area they want to develop further ensuring that they understand themselves as they prepare for important choices.

Motivating subject engagement

Launchpad shows students the careers that each subject can lead to, what’s involved in studying them at GCSE level and how their own skill compares to the skills needed to be successful in each subject.

Setting progression goals

Launchpad includes a personalised action plan which encourages students to set goals to help them develop their skills. It also inspires them to grow their interest in different careers. The ‘My Life’ feature helps students to see the value in their achievement outside of the classroom.

Dedicated information for informed choices


Launchpad provides a wealth of information that develops self-awareness and understand of learning options and careers.

  • Personalised skills and PLTS profile
  • Impartial information on hundreds of careers
  • Details on popular GCSE subjects
  • Videos of KS4 students discussing their subjects
  • Compare subject skills
  • Interactive action planner
  • Customisable subject list
  • Teacher/adviser tracking via management suite

Investigate options

Launchpad includes features to support each year group throughout Key Stage 3 with information, skills analysis and progression ideas, it showcases a range of options to develop awareness and understanding.

Take a look

Take a look at how Launchpad can help your students explore their options and start thinking about their future.

Skills profiling

How well do your students understand their skills? It’s really important that as they prepare to transition to GCSEs, they are aware of which skills they are strong in and which they need to focus development on. Launchpad analyses skills and helps students to understand their strengths and where they need further development. They can then compare their profile to each GCSE subject helping them to make decisions about what to study and how to improve their skills.

Skills profiling