Inspire your students to start exploring their future with Launchpad.

Designed especially for 11 Р13 year olds, Launchpad helps students to evaluate their skills, understand the choices they have and explore a range of learning and career options. Students will understand more about where different school subjects can take them and discover how their skills and preferences can influence their choices for Key Stage 4 and beyond.

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Key Features

Skills analysis Skills analysis

As students prepare for transition to Key Stage 4, it's important that they understand their strengths and appreciate areas where they need to improve their skills. Launchpad offers a simple quiz that analyses their skills and creates a personal profile, which helps each student develop self-awareness.

Subject choices Subject choices

The choices that students make about what subjects to study and engage with as they transition from KS3 to KS4 will have an impact on their career path. Launchpad shows students what they can expect from subjects at GCSE level and where each subject can lead in terms of future career opportunities.

Information and shared experiences Information and shared experiences

As they start to engage and discover what options lie ahead, students need to get accurate, factual information on different careers and subjects. Launchpad includes impartial information on over 500 careers, along with videos of young people talking about their subject choices as well as adults sharing their career experiences.

Personal action planner Personal action planner

We know that it can be difficult for students to take practical steps towards progressing their learning and career plans. To help, Launchpad includes a personal action plan which encourages them to set goals to improve their skills and progress as they make decisions about subjects, careers and their future.

Benefits of Launchpad

Do I need specific careers support for KS3?

Schools have a legal obligation to provide impartial careers guidance from Year 8 onwards. Launchpad is specifically designed for students aged 11-13 and will help to ensure your students explore a wide range of options.

Need focused transition support?

Making the right choices about study options as students prepare to transition to KS4 is crucial to engagement and achievement. Launchpad helps students make choices based on their strengths and aspirations.

No time to create lesson activities?

Included with a Launchpad subscription is access to a bank of lesson materials covering key topics such as STEM careers and challenging stereotypes. Resources include student handouts and structured teacher notes.

How do I engage less academically able students?

Launchpad encourages students to acknowledge their achievements outside of school and helps them to see the value in the skills they have developed through the 'My Life' element of the action plan.


We think it is really important to start careers guidance early. Launchpad helps us to do so in a constructive manner.

DravLower School Lead, Secondary Academy

Launchpad means that students and their parents have well rounded knowledge of GCSE and the demands of each subject.

HenryCareers Co-ordinator, Secondary School

Students say that they enjoy the quiz and particularly like the videos of young people telling them about subjects.

JennaSupport Worker, PRU

The way that Launchpad links subjects to careers and where they can be used is a great way to get students to value learning.

ElizabethAssistant Head of Year, Academy

Why choose Launchpad?

Launchpad is an innovative program that introduces Key Stage 3 pupils to their options and supports their subject choice and career path.

The online program provides pupils with a Functional Skills and PLTS profiling quiz which identifies personal skills and compares them to the skills they need to study GCSE subjects at Key Stage 4.

Students can discover more about their subject options and identify how each subject supports their career choice. Launchpad introduces over 400 careers, with essential information on each career plus engaging case studies, photographs and videos illustrating real-life work activities.

Offering a wide range of features, Launchpad helps support young people to achieve more and aim higher. With Launchpad, young people can develop an awareness of their options and access the information they need on education, training and career options so they can make the right personal choices. Offering a complete resource for the effective delivery of Key Stage 3 careers guidance, it supports elements of the PSHE and Citizenship curricula.

Thanks to its appealing and intuitive design, Launchpad can easily be integrated into existing methods of delivery.

As students mature they will develop subject preferences and will need to decide on which subjects they find engaging.

Launchpad clearly illustrates the links between each subject and the careers that they are useful for, ensuring that students understand the importance and value of what they are learning as they progress towards Key Stage 4. This can help to engage students and raise achievement.

As they prepare to make choices between subject options, Launchpad ensures that they understand where their strengths lie and which skills they need to focus on developing to help them achieve at GCSE level.

Videos of students and teachers talking about different subjects provide an inside view on what is involved, helping to equip students for this important transition.

At home access can also help to engage parents in the transition plans and the integrated action plan is perfect for encouraging students to set themselves goals to help them develop. Students are encouraged to record school achievements as well as things that they have achieved outside of school and that they are proud of, ensuring that they recognise the value of all of their skills.

We use Launchpad as part of enrichment activity for Years 7-9. Tutors like it because it highlights the importance of their subject specialisms and bridges the gap between what students have been used to at KS3 and the focus they will need for GCSEs.

Andrew, Pastoral Co-ordinator, Academy