Kudos AD


Kudos AD is packed with features that make finding a new, sustainable career direction simple.

Designed for people aged 18+ with a range of needs, Kudos AD helps users to make informed decisions about work and training.

Key features include:

  • Personalised career ideas based on interests, skills and preferences
  • Transparent results illustrate how well careers match users
  • Skills gap analysis identifies how to target training
  • Continually updated information covering, salary, entry routes and the skills employers are looking for
  • Skills profiling identifies where existing skills can be used
  • CV Builder helps to create an effective CV with step-by-step guidance
  • Access to live job vacancies from thousands of employers
  • Integrated Career Planning tool encourages progression
  • Reports enable advisers to plan effective follow-up interventions

Inspiring fresh starts

With a broad range of client needs, it can be challenging to provide access to the right support at the right time. Each client is likely to be at different points in their journey to a new career and will undoubtedly have issues that they need help with. Key to ensuring that they can progress is motivating them with the right level of information and inspiration relevant to their needs.




Inspiring fresh starts

‘I want to do something completely different’

For users who want a new career direction but who have limited ideas about what to do, Kudos AD will analyse their interests, skills and preferences and offer new ideas. They will discover how well suited virtually every career is to them personally helping them to discover which occupations they’ll find fulfilling.

‘I need a new career that I can get into easily’

For users who are seeking a career change which they can move quickly, Kudos AD generates a skills profile and identifies which careers existing skills can be used in. Users can then discover what job vacancies are available now within those occupations and create a CV ready to apply.

‘I need information on a career that I want to get into’

For users who have made a decision about what career to pursue, Kudos AD provides them with detailed information on the career to give them a head start with applications. They can research what’s involved, what skills and experiences are important to employers and where the opportunities are.

‘I need help deciding what training to do’

For users who are considering investing in a period of training or learning, Kudos AD helps them to identify which skills they personally need to improve to get into each career. They will discover the training that will benefit them most in terms of career progression helping to make the best use of their investment.

Informed decisions

Kudos AD includes detailed, reliable information on hundreds of careers which is independently researched and verified by industry bodies.

  • What's involved in working in the career
  • Salary and career progression opportunites
  • The experience and skills employers want
  • Specific advice for mature entry to the career
  • Who the key employers are
  • Qualifications and training required
  • How to get into the career
  • Links to professional and industry bodies

Personalised results

Whether your client is looking for their first career after leaving learning/training, is facing redundancy, looking to return to work after a period of unemployment or just seeking a new challenge, Kudos AD analyses their individual preferences and strengths to give them personalised guidance on their options.

Action plan

Gives users control of their next steps into a sustainable career.

Complete with an integrated action planning tool, Kudos AD encourages users to set goals to help them take practical steps which help their achieve their career aims. Users can target skills development activities and further investigation to help ensure that they move forward towards their objective of a fulfilling new career. Advisers can access reports on each users’ action plan which enables them to offer more effective support.


Action plan

I really wasn't sure about what to do next when I was made redundant. I knew I didn't want to stay in the same field as its a declining trade. Using Kudos AD showed me what I could do with my skills and interests - its given me the confidence to try something new.

Jonathan, a client who used Kudos AD with an outplacement adviser