Kudos AD


Addressing barriers to finding work


A common challenge for advisers is motivating users who feel that it will be impossible to find work because of issues and challenges that they are facing. With government focus on reducing benefit dependency by getting those that are unemployed into training and work, helping users to think positively about their options whilst considering those challenges is vital.

Addressing barriers to finding work


Kudos AD is designed to help users to move forward by acknowledging and supporting them with concerns and issues that they are facing, whilst also demonstrating the opportunities that are available to them.

Kudos AD gives users the option to record health issues that affect them and helps them make realistic choices by highlighting if the features of a career are likely to impact negatively on their health condition.

Kudos AD does not rely on users having previous work experience. It analyses skills in the context of life in general, ensuring that even if a client has no previous work history, they recognise the value in the skills that they have developed through learning, raising a family, volunteering and social activities.

There is also specific advice for lone parents, ex-offenders, users with mental health conditions and refugees and asylum seekers who need guidance on the challenges they are facing when looking for work.

My Users generally cannot return to their former work. Kudos AD helps them to realise the opportunity for new beginnings – David, Service Co-ordinator for a charity supporting users with brain injuries

Making adviser time more effective

Making adviser time more effective


There’s extra pressure on advisers to ensure that the time they spend supporting users is effective. Precious adviser time and expert knowledge need to be utilised in the right ways to maximise the hugely positive impact it can have on user outcomes.


Kudos AD is designed to mirror the guidance process however, it works best when blended with a range of support including one-to-one time with an adviser or counsellor. Kudos AD makes these interactions more effective because having used the program in advance of a meeting, users will be prepared with questions and options to discuss.

By knowing that a user has had access to Kudos AD before a guidance session, advisers can be confident that their user has had the opportunity to get new ideas and reflect on careers that they may or may not be interested in.

What’s more, with user reports are available from CASCAID Manager, advisers can access records of user activity to help them prepare and target their interventions for each user more effectively.

If they’ve used Kudos AD before I sit down with them it saves so much time – I can see what they’ve been looking at and use that to kick off the conversation

– Trina, Employment Adviser for a local authority economic development project

Creating impact for advisers and users

With focus on outcomes for users whether that be securing sustainable employment, volunteering opportunities that provide important experience or a place on a training or learning programme, it’s imperative that organisations know that resources they are supporting users with have real impact.

Creating impact for advisers and users

Kudos AD provides a low-cost solution that has the potential to significantly improve the service that you provide users and the outcomes that they achieve. By focusing on the user’s interests and preferences, they are more likely to discover career and training opportunities which they will stick with. Working in a role that they are suited to, will provide greater fulfillment and therefore, will have greater sustainability than if they are driven towards taking a job that they have little interest in.

The high quality, impartial, reliable support that Kudos AD provides gives advisers the confidence that they are signposting their users to a resource that is trustworthy. It means that they do not need to use their time constantly validating information and resources and can instead focus on using their expertise to help more users with intensive support.

We learnt a long time ago that getting users to do any old job means they’ll be back with us a few weeks later because they hate it. The ideas that they get out of Kudos AD are genuinely right for them and that’s a much better path to pursue

-Clive, Job Club Manager