How do I access Kudos?

To use Kudos you need a current subscription. When you take out a subscription you will receive a licence code. You can find this on your licence certificate. If you need a reminder, please contact us.

Once you have a subscription you can issue it to students/clients covered by your licence. They can then log in. You will also receive access to CASCAID Manager which allows you to track and monitor your students/clients.

If you would like to try Kudos, you can request a free trial by clicking here.

How do my students/clients access Kudos?

Each student/client needs their own unique login details. The simplest way for students/clients to create their own unique login details is to go to the program they want to use and enter your Licence Code in the ‘Not signed up for…?’ section. They will then be able to enter a username and password of their choice.

They should keep a record of the details that they create to enable them to log back in at a later date. The username and password that they create will enable them to access any of the programs that you subscribe to.

You can also pre-create individual student/client login details via CASCAID Manager.

Can I put access to the programs on my intranet or VLE?

You can put access to CASCAID programs on your intranet or VLE as long as only students/clients of your licensed site can access it. You can create a program access button via CASCAID Manager. Once a student/client launches your intranet or VLE, they will be able to access the programs by clicking a button rather than having to launch an internet browser and type in the web address.

Because the program recognises that the student/client is accessing the program via your intranet or VLE, they will not be required to enter your licence code to create a new user.

You can request an access button to place on your intranet or VLE by logging into CASCAID Manager and entering your details on the ‘Admin’ tab.

What age group can I use Kudos with?

Kudos is ideal for 13-19 year olds. It provides young people with a personalised experience which enables them to explore careers and learning pathways based on their interests and aspirations. You can boost your careers support with features focusing on post-16 and post-18 options.

How much does Kudos cost?

We offer a range of licensing options for use within different types of organisations. You can find out more here.

What do I need to run Kudos?

You will need a reasonable internet connection to accommodate the number of students accessing the program. We support the most up-to-date versions of the major internet browsers, IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You will also require sound to listen to the videos.

Will Kudos work on a mobile device?

Yes it will. Kudos can be used on most mobile devices. Please check with us by emailing support@cascaid.co.uk or calling 01509 226868 if you have any queries.


How do I check what my students/clients are doing in Kudos?

A subscription to Kudos includes access to CASCAID Manager which allows you to track and monitor students/clients. You can see how much of Kudos each person has completed and a summary of their activity. You can also allocate users to tutor groups and get reports which can be useful to prompt discussions in a one-to-one advice interview or to discuss with parents. The new Dashboard feature allows you to see the most popular careers and subjects across each cohort helping you to plan interventions.