Career exploration takes off with Kudos, trusted by teachers and advisers to inspire young people to explore future options.

Designed for students aged 13-19, Kudos takes students on a journey of discovery where they explore their potential through a personalised experience based on their interests and aspirations. Students will discover new ideas, understand which careers best suit them and uncover how what they are learning in school links to future opportunities and their career destination.

With features that engage students in exploring academic and vocational pathways including Apprenticeships, Post-16 learning and University options, Kudos is the one-stop-shop for planning successful futures.

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Key Features

Four starting points Four starting points

We know young people have different levels of maturity and motivation when it comes to exploring their future options so we’ve added flexibility to Kudos by allowing them to start their journey of discovery in four different ways. Users can choose from 'MyFuture', 'Explore Subjects', 'Explore Work Areas' and 'Explore Careers' as a starting point, ensuring a truly tailored experience.

Destination support Destination support

We know that the wealth of options available to young people can make choices at 16 and 18 daunting. Kudos can help them plan their personal progression with information on Apprenticeship, further education and University options. Students can discover courses and Apprenticeships, create CVs and Personal Statements to support their applications and get feedback from their tutor/adviser.

Impartial, engaging information Impartial, engaging information

We know how important it is for every young person to explore the full range of learning, training and career options. Kudos provides students with everything they need to make an informed decision about a career, such as what’s involved, what skills employers are looking for, how to get into the career and, most importantly, how well suited the career is to them. Along with LMI, this helps to ensure that students can make fully informed decisions.

Integrated management suite Integrated management suite

We know that Kudos works best when students can discuss their results with a teacher/adviser. Kudos includes access to CASCAID Manager where teachers and advisers can track activity and get intelligence to plan interventions. Reports for each student can be downloaded to support guidance interviews, follow-up discussions and interactions with parents. In the latest version teachers/advisers can see how Kudos has helped each cohort progress.

16+ Functionality

University Courses

Relevant HE courses for each occupation enabling students to plan a route through study into their chosen career.

Skills Analysis

Students will have the option to rate their skills set and view careers based on their current skill levels.

Future Booster

‘Future Booster’ functionality helps raise aspirations by demonstrating what can be achieved with higher level qualifications.

Personal Statement Builder

Our UCAS personal statement builder with structured guidance, good and bad examples and tutor/adviser feedback. Added functionality encourages the recording of achievements in preparation for applications.

HE Functionality


Explore local apprenticeship opportunities linked to each career.

College Courses

Post-16 courses available at local providers which offer progression into each career.

Job Vacancies

Searchable job adverts to help develop an understanding of what employers are looking for and how they recruit with LMI via live job vacancies illustrating the opportunities available for each career.

Travel Information

Information on travel options to help evaluate accessibility for apprenticeships and college courses.

Benefits of Kudos

How can Kudos help me meet my legal obligation?

Kudos helps by supporting the delivery of impartial careers guidance, promoting social mobility and supporting the objectives of widening participation. It provides high quality CEIAG, in-built independent guidance to support the user’s experience and much more.

No time to learn a new program and prepare lessons?

As part of the Kudos subscription, advisers/teachers have access to a bank of resources including guides for staff, students and parents along with lesson plans to help them get the most out of the program plus free on-demand training.

Restrictions to resources and spending?

It can cost less than 50p per student to provide an impartial, personalised experience that helps your students to make better choices about subjects, courses, training and careers.

Why choose Kudos?

Every year hundreds of thousands of young people use our products to help inspire their decisions about careers, learning and training. Our aim is to help them make the best possible decisions about their future career and the learning and training journey that takes them to it.


With Kudos students progress a lot quicker. If they have used it before I interview them they have lots of ideas to discuss.

KarenCEIAG Co-ordinator, Secondary School

Kudos gives our students the opportunity to develop and expand their career ideas to inform their future decisions.

Barry SilgramCareers IAG Officer, Moseley School

Kudos is very good for giving career ideas and raising aspirations. It provides a good way for us to interact with our clients

JohnIAG Manager, Local Authority Youth Support Team

The key benefit for our students is enabling them to discover careers that are compatible with qualifications and interests.

AlexAssistant Headteacher, Secondary School and Sixth Form

Why choose Kudos?

Career exploration takes off with Kudos, trusted by teachers and advisers to inspire young people to explore future options.

Students will discover careers they had never thought of and can explore their own ideas as well as gain an understanding of their learning and training options.

Using impartial analysis of each students’ preferences and interests, Kudos encourages aspiration and ensures that students make truly informed decisions about what career to pursue and which pathway to take.

In the latest version of Kudos we’ve taken into account that not every young person explores their possible career directions from the same starting point.

Some haven’t started thinking about careers yet and would benefit from some suggestions, some have a rough idea of the area that they are interested in and need help refining that idea. Some want to find out where their favourite subjects could take them. Some know exactly what they want to do in later life.

The latest version of Kudos lets young people take control of planning their future by giving them more flexibility as they start to explore.

Kudos forms the basis of the careers education and advice that I deliver to Years 8 to 13. The different options correspond with their own situation so students no longer switch off whilst exploring pathways that aren’t relevant.

Carol, Careers Co-ordinator at a sponsor led academy with a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating