Our products help young people and adults make better informed decisions about their learning, training and career options.

Paws in Jobland

Developed for primary school pupils to encourage exploration of the world of work in a fun, interactive way.


Designed to help KS3 students understand their skills and future options and make choices about which subjects to study.


Ages: 13 to 19
Packed with tools and information to help students make better choices about options for post-16 and 18.

Kudos AD

Ages: 19+/Adults
Supports adults to explore new career and training opportunities to support them into sustainable employment.


CASCAID Manager is designed to help teachers and advisers identify where students/clients are within the guidance process.

The products are excellent for career exploration and planning. The matching tool is the best available. It gives ideas and encourages people to be more open with the ideas because they discover careers they had never considered.

James, Careers Adviser