CASCAID has an established reputation for working with organisations internationally to produce successful careers guidance programs for other countries. Our approach relies on strong partnerships with public bodies and local software or information companies.


CASCAID is the only UK careers software company with the expertise to produce successful guidance programs for other countries. Our approach relies on strong partnerships with public bodies and local software or information companies. Systems are now available in Northern Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Italy, Wales, Romania, Canada and the USA.  All of these systems are widely used and in some cases have become the de facto national standard for computer-assisted careers guidance.



CASCAID works with local partners to help deliver the very best guidance systems to suit the requirements of guidance professionals and users in the local context. Our career matching system has been incorporated into broader systems in North America and Scandinavia through partners in Canada and Denmark.


Internet Applications

CASCAID’s systems are developed using reusable software components that can be linked to new databases and interfaces to offer bespoke solutions, especially for new international systems. The advantage of this approach is that it delivers a careers guidance system that meets the requirements of the national institutions and the people they serve by building on our expertise in other countries.

Our systems can also be updated or re-developed as requirements change or are added. Careers education programs can be developed with bespoke style and context for users around this system. Such systems have been deployed in Northern Ireland, Slovenia, Italy and Romania.


CASCAID’s expertise has been used by a number of countries to review their strategy for ICT to support career guidance. We have worked with policymakers and career counsellors/teachers to look at current requirements for students and clients and develop plans for improved provision.



Much of our international work is as a result of or in support of careers guidance development projects. We have worked on a wide range of EU-funded projects across the EU and the accession states through European Social Fund and ERASMUS+, including the INforEX project: “Innovative ways of including low qualified ex offenders and ex prisoners to labour market”. We support projects such as this by providing software tools or development expertise and also by contributing our career support knowledge, based on nearly five decades of experience within the industry.


If you want to find out more about how CASCAID software has been developed for use in other countries, or how we can work with you on new guidance projects, please contact us via email.

CASCAID global partnerships

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