Whether we are working in partnership with teachers at school or with a national government to provide careers support for their nation, we are always keen to work with people and organisations who share our aims.

We are always keen to explore new partnerships where we can add real value through our expertise, products and research. Our partners include:

  • Large employers who we supply with intelligence to support future talent recruitment activities
  • Local enterprise partnerships who we provide data to help them identify future skills gaps
  • Local authorities who we develop website enhancements for to target NEET prevention and track intended destinations
  • Mobile app and website developers who we work with to supply careers information and assessment tools to key target demographics
  • Guidance services providers who we deliver a suite of online tools to enhance their service offer
  • Industry and sector skills bodies who we raise the profile of by promoting information and opportunities
  • National and regional governments who we create bespoke guidance and information tools for
  • Technology companies who we licence our algorithm and information to

If you would like to find out more about working with CASCAID please call +44 (0) 1509 226868 or email


International Work

You can read more about the international work and projects we are part of on our international page, click below.

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