Using Kudos within Youth Support

Feedback on our popular program Kudos has been fantastic with advisers discovering the new features and improved design are helping their students and clients to engage more effectively in exploring future options.

One local authority youth support team who are working with young people from a variety of backgrounds have given us their feedback on Kudos.

IAG Manager, John said “Kudos is very good for giving our clients career ideas. I also find the university search very good for raising aspirations.”

“The program provides a very good way of interacting with our clients, helping them to think about their future plans.”

“The new features are very good, particularly the subjects section because clients can explore what they can do based on what they enjoy.”

One of the advisers in the team added, If a young person is vocationally unsure it will help them to identify possible career ideas.”

“In the new version I particularly like the ‘I like these subjects’ section which will be useful with students who have strong preferences about subjects.”

Youth support practitioner Alison said, “Kudos is a great tool. The set of resources that comes with it is also great.”

“The new features are very useful for our clients.”

Wendy who works as a careers officer in a grammar school said, “Kudos makes us better equipped to support students with careers guidance.”

“It provides easy access to careers information and means that students can work through career exploration independently.”

IAG Adviser, Sue said, “Kudos provides my clients with the information on career choices that they need to make decisions.”

“The new version is bright with lots of interlinking information which empowers young people to do their own research.”

“It supports the careers guidance that I deliver.”

Sarah, a support worker said “Kudos provides lots of benefits to our clients. Having access to accurate careers information including LMI is a big benefit to our work.”

“Kudos pulls together the essential information that a young person needs in a user friendly format.”

“The new features such as subjects linked to careers, the HE info, the information articles and skills and qualities needs for different jobs is a big bonus.”

IAG Adviser, Tracy said, “Kudos provides a strong starting point. It helps to provide clarification and focus.”

“I particularly like the CV Builder and the links to HE.”

Wendy who works with clients with additional needs said, “Kudos works well as a starting point to help clients explore career ideas.”

“It is useful that it flags up potential health issues.”

“As an adviser it is very helpful to have access to the up-to-date information on different career areas.”

Adviser Joanne said, “Kudos is really good for doing group work with targeted Year 9 students.”

“It offers a great way of talking to students about the interests and future plans.”

To find out more about Kudos please click here.

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