Qualifications eBook

The UK education sector offers a wide variety of qualification types including academic, vocational and skills-related qualifications at different levels and different difficulties.

Written by Moving On, our latest eBook outlines some of the mainstream qualifications and is intended to provide students, teachers, advisers and parents with an insight into the most popular qualifications available.

The guide includes information on: 

•    Academic qualifications including GCSEs, A Levels and degrees
•    Vocational qualifications including NVQs BTECs and HNCs
•    Vocational  qualifications as a route into university study
•    T Levels and what they are
•    Where each qualification sits on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF)

The benefits of this guide: 

•    Ideal to share with parents, giving them an insight on different career routes
•    Helps young people understand each different option
•    Covers all up-to-date qualifications including T Levels

Download eBook here


There are many other readily-accessible professional qualifications too; to find out more, visit the Moving On website.

Visit the Moving On website

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