Kudos – What schools think

We’ve asked a selection of schools what they think about Kudos.

Steve is a Careers Advisor at a large 11-18 sponsor-led academy. Steve said, “The latest version of Kudos is very easy to use. There is a lot more flexibility for students with the new options to explore career areas and look at careers linked to subjects. It’s very good.”

 Carol is the Careers Co-ordinator at a sponsor led academy with a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating. Carol said, “Kudos forms the basis of the careers education and advice that I deliver to Years 8 to 13. The new version enables me to point students in the right direction using the four starting points. The different options correspond with their own situation so students no longer switch off whilst exploring pathways that aren’t relevant. The design is a really good idea because students can now pick out the information they want easily.”

Jo is the Careers Manager at an 11-16 foundation school. Jo said, “It has always been a very effective careers matching program. The new version with the new features like the CV builder is very good. The support materials and lesson plans are also useful when planning for use with Year 9 and 11.”

Bethany is Student Services Manager at a FE College. Bethany said, “Kudos helps students with choosing suitable career options and with creating goals to work towards. The new version has lots of good features. Having the range of starting points to use with different students is particularly useful along with the CV builder.”

Alex is Assistant Headteacher at a secondary school and sixth form. Alex said, “The key benefit for our students is enabling them to discover careers that are compatible with qualifications and interests. Kudos has everything – it knows more than I do!”

Jo is a Learning Mentor at a large academy. Jo said, “Kudos provides students with an opportunity to think through career options and explore at their own pace. Features like the videos make it relevant and up to date and bring a real perspective.”

 Dee is the CEIAG Co-ordinator at an 11-18 academy. Dee said, “It makes my guidance appointments more interactive and students can progress a lot quicker. Before I interview them if students have used New Kudos they have lots of information to discuss and we can set action plans. I’m leading all of my Year 11 students through the process. In the new version I find the different options at the start excellent. The new Manager area is also great for overseeing usage by students. This will help tremendously.”

 Graham is a Curriculum Leader at a school and sixth form. Graham said, “The ability to select starting points at the beginning is a great feature. Kudos enables students to do individual research at school and at home which is great for getting parental support. It is very student friendly and the information is easy to access.”

 Peter is the Careers Co-ordinator at an academy rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted. Peter said, “Kudos is a key tool to support career choices. The new version is easier to use and in particular it’s easier to get information for 16+ choices.”

 Cathy is a Librarian who also helps with careers support at a joint primary and secondary school. Cathy said, “Kudos really helps students with career ideas and thinking about post 16 options. The simplicity and user friendliness is great for students. I have limited careers knowledge myself so Kudos is a very useful resource for me to refer to.”

 Jo supports learners with careers exploration at an 11-18 academy. Jo said, “I’ve launched Kudos to students and parents as part of our work to raise aspirations. The starting points allow students to decide where to start their career search. Kudos encourages focus and direction amongst young people.”

 Catherine is a Work Related Learning Co-ordinator at a large 11-18 school. Catherine said, “Kudos is a big benefit as a large number of our students are very uncertain of the careers that they might be interested in. It is a great help with students taking responsibility for exploring their own strengths.”

 Diane is Pathways Co-ordinator at a high school. Diane said, “Kudos is just what we needed to support students with understanding what’s possible in terms of career and course decisions. The outcomes are particularly useful to support career interviews with students who are unsure of which career paths to pursue.”

 Sue is Futures Co-ordinator at an academy. Sue said, “I am using Kudos in class lessons and in 1 to 1 interviews. The main benefits are that it helps students to identify suitable careers, helps them to make better subject choices and encourages them to create action plans. The best features are the options to discover careers that you can do with your favourite subjects and explore career areas if you do not have specific ideas.”

 Ros is the Learning Manager at a secondary school. Ros said, Kudos is useful for Year 9 options, for Year 11’s planning next steps and for sixth form students reducing Neets.”

 Evette delivers IAG support for an academy. Evette said, “Kudos is a one stop shop which helps with focused information about various careers. It helps students to focus more on subjects related to careers. The opportunity to use different starting points meets different student needs.”

 Sue is a CEIAG Co-ordinator at an academy rated Good by Ofsted. Sue said, “Having the four options on the front screen is very good and makes it simple for students. The development of the Manager feature is great because I can now check who is using it and chase those tutor groups which aren’t.”

To find out more about Kudos, click here.

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