Encouraging student career exploration

Moseley School is a large comprehensive secondary school in Birmingham where young people are encouraged to achieve their highest academic and personal goals.

Careers IAG Officer at the school, Barry Silgram has been using Kudos with students.

Barry said,

“We have been using Kudos with students of all abilities from Year 8 to 13.”

“Our students find Kudos very useful. In particular they find the career ideas that are generated useful along with the links between subjects and careers, and all of the career information about the different occupations.”

“In terms of the latest version, the new format is much more user friendly.”

“I like the four pathways through the program and the way it links subjects and careers is very useful.”

“The transparency of the matching is good, as it enables students to see why each career is suggested.”

“The information on individual careers and career areas is useful, as it has the ability for students to explore their own career ideas.”

“Kudos gives our students the opportunity to develop and expand their career ideas to inform their future decisions.”

“Kudos contributes to the work that we do at Moseley School to deliver impartial careers guidance and raise our student’s aspirations.”

“Having recently upgraded to HE module, we are looking forward to setting up the CASCAID Manager so that sixth form tutors can give feedback to students when they are drafting their UCAS statements.”

“As an adviser I find the format of the program particularly beneficial, especially the subject section and the ‘I don’t know what career I want to do’ option.”

To discover more about the latest version of Kudos click here.  


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