Launchpad – what the students think

Following the introduction of Launchpad, we have been busy gathering feedback from a wide range of users.

Here we look at three young people’s experiences of using Launchpad.

Lauren is in Year 9.

“Looks very attractive and colourful”, was Lauren’s initial reaction to the program. She liked the design, particularly the characters used throughout the program.

Launchpad includes a quiz which is designed to measure functional skills and PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills). Lauren said that she had found the quiz “very interesting”.

The quiz is based on scenarios relating to school, social and extracurricular activities. Lauren felt that the scenarios were realistic.

Launchpad helps students make choices about what they want to study in Key Stage 4 by allowing them to explore subjects and compare their skills. Lauren said that she would find the subject information useful when the time comes to make choices.

Launchpad allows students to explore progression from subjects into careers. Lauren decided to look at the career ‘Fashion Designer’. She liked the information provided, particularly the photographs, “It’s good how it shows you what you would do.”

Students can build their own action plan. They can add links to subjects and careers that they are interested in. Lauren particularly liked this feature, “That’s a good idea because you can narrow it down to the ones that you are interested in”.

Sarah is in Year 7. Sarah said that she felt that the program “Looks well planned out”.

Sarah found the quiz questions realistic. When presented with a question that describes a school project, Sarah said, “I’m doing something like this at school now”.

Sarah looked at the subject ‘Design and Technology: Food Technology’. After reading about the subject Sarah said that the subject looked “cool”.

Sarah liked the fact that she could pick skills to add to her action plan and show the skills that she had used as part of her achievements.

Luke is in Year 7. Luke’s first impression of Launchpad was, “It’s friendly and colourful”.

Luke gave the quiz “eight out of ten” when asked how easy the quiz was to understand. On exploring his Skills Profile, Luke felt that the results were fairly accurate.

Luke liked the multimedia content within the careers information, “I like how it shows videos.”

When asked what the best part of Launchpad was, Luke said, “The Action Plan. You can set yourself goals and go to your chosen jobs and subjects.”

To find out more about Launchpad, click here.