Kudos AD feedback from university students

We recently asked students at a university what they thought of our popular careers guidance program, Kudos AD.

The university careers service uses Kudos AD with a range of BA Hons and MSC students who need help to consider the career they intend to pursue following graduation.

All of the students who were asked for feedback said that they found Kudos AD useful and that they would use it again. Here are a few of their comments:

“Kudos AD was good. It gave me options that I had not considered before. I particularly like the videos and the ability to compare different careers. It can be very influential when you are considering what options you have. Overall it is very good because you can also see what salary you can earn.”

“I found Kudos AD very easy to follow. The skills assessment was very accurate and the careers information very informative. Having the in-depth information on each career was very helpful.”

“I think Kudos AD is the perfect launchpad into career development planning. The matching assessment was really good. I found that it made me open minded to different ideas that I would never have thought about. The information was helpful and informative.”

“Kudos AD provided me with a very good and easy way to understand where I lack some skills. It is a good way to find suitable careers if you are totally lost about your career goal. It brings you very close to the careers you should be looking at. I would definitely use it again.”

“The information contained in Kudos AD is very clear. I like the fact that you can narrow down what you are looking for based on the type of career, hours and salary. It provides a good basis to see what jobs you would enjoy.”

“I found the results from Kudos AD very accurate. The career information gives you a very good idea about the job role. I really like the career plan feature. In general I think Kudos AD is a great way of getting career ideas and helping people to know what careers suit them. It helps people to know their interests and enables them to develop their skills.”

“Kudos AD is really helpful. I found the information and the compare careers section very good. The whole program was really good – I wish that I had used it before applying to UCAS.”

“Overall I thought that Kudos AD was very helpful. The information was of an appropriate length and detail and was informative. I like the design and layout. It is very useful to be aware of the next steps to take in a career.”

To find out more about Kudos AD and how it can support students in a University setting click here.


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