Guidance professional view on Kudos

We believe that careers guidance is delivered at its best through a blend of activities which combine online tools such as Kudos and experienced careers professionals.

We recently asked guidance professionals who have been using Kudos what they think about the program.

“Kudos is good for supporting young people’s choices. They can research and explore information on options. The career features and the information on Uni opportunities are very good.”  – Fiona, Guidance Adviser

“Kudos offers careers guidance and support to the 13-19 year olds that I work with. It is a resource that I offer to young people to help with their career planning. It is a big help with career ideas and researching employment areas with LMI.”  – Tony, Guidance Adviser

“I use Kudos during career guidance sessions in schools to support students with their career research. The four entry points make it simple to use.”Vicky, Guidance Adviser

“Kudos is great for career exploration. I use it to prompt clients as part of the support I offer in and outside schools.” – Support Manager

“I think that the way students can choose to search for careers based on their situation is very good.”Lyndsey, Development Officer

“The signposting in Kudos is very good. It supports my clients with their decision making because they can base their choices on the right information. Having the Manager facility enables me to observe and check choices. It’s a very good resource.” –  Sue, Guidance Adviser

“I work with young people aged 13 to 20 so the best thing about Kudos is the flexibility. In particular clients can now get to the information they need without having to answer the questions if they do not need to.” –  Andrea, Guidance Adviser

“Kudos gives so many more options. There is such a variety of information with the extra qualification information, courses and LMI. The CV creator is also useful. It is very beneficial for motivating students. The way that you use if can be varied depending on the client group. The choice of how to use Kudos at the beginning is better than just having the option to answer questions.” –  Ann, Guidance Adviser

“I use Kudos in 1 to 1 guidance. The new layout is very popular.” –  Lesley, Adviser

“Kudos helps my clients with their post 16 choices. It expands knowledge. The starting point screen is very good. There are lots of useful new features and it is very young person friendly.” –  Angela, Guidance Adviser

“I have always liked the questionnaire and the ability to explore aspects of work but it is all so much more accessible in the new version. It’s a ready source of up to date information for both my clients and me.” –  Adviser

“Kudos helps young people to make choices – it engages them in the process and motivates them.” –  Pat, Young People’s Adviser

“It’s really good. I use it with my targeted clients. The CV builder in particular is very useful.”Ellen, Adviser

“Kudos is a useful resource to inspire clients, particularly those who are undecided or those who have low aspirations. The new version helps with subject choice as well as being a career ideas generator.” –  Tina, Youth Adviser

“Kudos greatly benefits my clients. It focuses minds and encourages further research in careers. It helps me to support and guide young people to make a well informed career plan. The ease of navigating the new version is very good. I also really like the subject section.” –  Adviser, Children’s Services

To find out more about Kudos please click here.

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