Kudos features on prime time BBC television series

Kudos, our career planning tool, features in the penultimate episode of the BBC prime time series Back in Time for School

The series follows 15 students as they head back in time and experience over 100 years of school life.

In the penultimate episode, the students explore 90s education against a cultural backdrop of Britpop and amid the rise of computer technology in the classroom.

Careers education is a prominent feature of this episode. The students are seen using a CD-ROM version of Kudos to answer questions about their interests and are matched to a range of careers for inspiration and possible exploration. It enables the students to learn about themselves and exposes them to careers they may not necessarily have encountered through their family, friends or school.  

A stand-out moment in the episode occurs when the girls in the group discover career opportunities that had not been accessible to women in earlier decades. Overcoming this historical gender bias is a challenge that the UK still faces today despite efforts to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers to girls.

Ella Bujok, deputy chief executive at CASCAID, said,

“We were thrilled that the Back in Time producers reached out to us hoping to feature a 90s version of Kudos. It was a challenge but we managed to dig out a 90s CD-ROM version from the archive.”

“This year is particularly important to CASCAID as we celebrate our 50th anniversary. Just as we challenged the boundaries of careers technology in the 90s, we are innovating our services today by utilising recent technological advances to support students to navigate the complex educational choices they face and, most importantly, to prepare for their futures beyond the classroom.”

A modern, web-based version of Kudos is still used in many schools and colleges today. It is available in 12 countries and in four different languages.

If you’re interested in discovering how CASCAID can support the delivery of your careers education policy, please get in touch.