CASCAID is acquired by Xello

Xello (formally Career Cruising) acquires CASCAID from Loughborough University.


CASCAID acquires Moving On Magazine

CASCAID started producing the Moving On magazine which is full of careers guidance information and is distributed to every school in England.


Kudos celebrates 25th birthday


Kudos Online and Adult Directions launched

New versions of our popular programs created solely for the internet were introduced allowing young people and adults to access the best tools to help with their career planning from anywhere with internet access.


Streets Ahead introduced

Based on requests from schools across the country, we launched a new program designed to help year 9 students with their subject choices.


Careersphere and CareersMatch launched

Created exclusively for users of the internet, Careersphere combined all of the features of Careerscape with online access. CareersMatch, our first online career ideas generator followed soon after.


Paws in Jobland introduced to the UK

Developed by our Danish partners, Paws in Jobland was adapted for the UK by CASCAID as a great introduction to the world of work for primary school pupils.


CASCAID goes on line

Our first website is launched.


Careerscape launched

To support the both young people and adults looking for information on careers, Careerscape provided easy access a library of information on industries, subjects and careers. Designed to complement Kudos and Adult Directions, it provided a great research resource.


CASCAID becomes part of Loughborough University

In 1996 Loughborough University took ownership. With it's world-class reputation for technological innovation, here at CASCAiD we have been able to utilise this expertise in developing our market-leading products.


Move on to CD Rom & windows Systems

CD Rom versions of CASCAID's most popular programs were released.


Danish version of Adult Directions introduced

A version of Adult Directions, translated into Danish, called Spor was launched in partnership with Studie og Ehrverv a.s.


Adult Directions introduced

Working in conjunction with Sheffield Adult Guidance and Information Service (SAGIS), CASCAID introduced a new interactive program which adults could use on their own to assist their career choices. It was designed to prepare users for a careers counselling interview with an adviser.


The first version of Kudos launched

A new interactive micro-computer program incorporating the best features of CASCAID and Jobwise was introduced. Designed to enable students to sit at a 'personal computer' and answer questions on screen, career suggestions and information were instantly viewable on screen.


Eighth edition of 'The CASCAID Careers Guide' published

Despite its firm focus on using technology to support the work of careers advisers and the young people that they work with, CASCAID recognised that many advisers needed to maintain an easy to access source of information on a large number of careers. Before that days of laptops and tablets we did this via an annually updated reference book.


Jobwise launched

A new version of CASCAID was launched focussing on support for 14-16 year olds who were uncertain of their occupational goals and wanted to expand their horizons.


Subject-Wise introduced

Launched as a Micro-computer program to help students find out how school subjects relate to career choices. Teachers could adapt the information to reflect how subjects were taught in their school.


Majority of local authorities use CASCAID

By Summer 1985, a total of 84 local authorities across the country were using CASCAID.


Pre-CASCAID launched

Devised for younger users to investigate career ideas and to help gain an understanding and characteristics of jobs, Pre-CASCAID (Pre stood for 'Program Related to Education') was introduced.


CASCAID MkV Scotland launched

To support careers advisers working with students in Scotland, an adapted version of the system was launched which created results relevant to students in Scotland.


CASCAID Micro Version

As more careers services and schools took ownership of a computer, CASCAID launched a Micro-Computer version which allowed students to answer the questionnaire and get results without the need for questionnaires to be sent away for processing.


Local processing of CASCAID takes off

With around 50,000 school pupils a year receiving guidance support from CASCAID, the option for local authorities to process their own questionnaires was introduced. the local education authority covering Avon became one of the first to take up this option.


1,000 Careers Advisers Trained to use CASCAID

As part of a commitment to support careers advisers across the country, CASCAID delivered training to over 1,000 careers professionals, helping to increase their confidence in supporting thousands of young people who use CASCAID to support their career exploration.



In partnership with Leicester Polytechnic, CASCAID created a new service to support students in higher education institutions. Starting out in 16 universities, 10 polytechnics and 15 colleges of higher education, in the first 6 months thousands of students had received support to help them plan their progression post-graduation.


Nationwide growth in use

By February 1979, 33 local authorities were using CASCAID to support the work of careers officers in schools across the country. CASCAID MkIV with a new improved questionnaire was launched.


CASCAID goes nationwide

Word about the benefits of the CASCAID system had spread beyond the borders of Leicestershire. Other Local Authority Careers Services were invited to use the system and the CASCAID Unit was established to support this.


CASCAID MkII introduced

An adaptation to the CASCAID system to support students of different abilities along with a revised questionnaire was launched to help refine the support that was provided to young people.


CASCAID launched in Leicestershire

A working system was rolled out across Leicestershire with Careers Officers within Leicestershire Careers Service using CASCAID with over 7,000 students. Students completed a questionnaire on their interests. This was returned to County Hall. After processing, the student and their adviser received an individual printout detailing careers that they may be suited to along with career information.

1969 - 72

CASCAID Project established by Leicestershire County Council

CASCAID was conceived in August 1969 when two careers officers working for the LEA began discussing the problems that they faced with the ever increasing complexity of careers information. They saw the computer as an ideal tool for storing, updating and retrieving the plethora of occupational information needed to give good quality advice. They then realised that an additional dimension could be introduced using the computer to compare this with the information given by the student about him/herself to produce a list of careers that could be of interest to the student.

CASCAID (which stood for 'Careers Advisory Service Computer Aid) was born.


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