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Your subscription to CASCAID products and services comes complete with a range of support to help you make the most of your licence. From on-boarding support via our dedicated team of consultants to lesson plans and adviser guides which help you embed CASCAID products within your delivery, we are committed to helping you deliver the best possible careers guidance and support. 

  • How can I deliver Kudos via form tutors?
    Kudos comes complete with a range of guides for students and advisers. You can use the demonstration videos to familiarise tutors with the basics of the program. This will give them the confidence to introduce Kudos to their students.
  • How can I get parents involved?
    Our parents guide helps parents to understand the choices that their child is making and the important support that they can provide.
  • How do I let students know about Kudos and Launchpad?
    We produce a selection of posters that you can display in school. Please contact us to request them. You can also add a link to your Moodle or VLE.

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