Outstanding Directions

Outstanding Directions is a free online tool from CASCAID designed to enable teachers, advisors and the senior leadership team to evaluate and improve activities which can help your careers provision to:

  • Identify how to deliver a programme of careers support which raises aspirations and improves the impact of provision.
  • Evaluate the careers provision currently available to students.
  • Get targeted advice on how to progress and improve provision.


Outstanding Directions creates valuable evidence of existing activity and development opportunities which can contribute towards Ofsted inspections and school improvement plans. The main areas it reviews and the aspects of those areas are:

  • Leadership
  • Finance
  • Co-ordination
  • Training
  • Student Careers Data
  • Destination Data
External Stakeholders:
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Employers
  • Local authorities
  • Local colleges and universities
Career Guidance:
  • Curriculum integration
  • Age appropriate guidance
  • Face-to-face
  • Impartiality
  • Work experience

Once you rate your current performance level for each aspect Outstanding Direction will generate:

Suggested Improvement Actions – How to reach the next level…
Suggested Evidence Sources – How to prove you have reached a level…
Suggested Resources – Useful resources for improving in this area…


You can then return to Outstanding Directions to record your progress on the suggestions and see how your score improves.

Outstanding Directions also generates reports on your input and progression. These will help show members of staff, SLT’s and Ofsted that you are making steps to improving and fine tuning your process.

Benefits of using Outstanding Directions

Evidence for Ofsted

Outstanding Directions provides evidence of careers guidance activity to support Ofsted inspections and school improvement plans.

Aligns with Gatsby Benchmarks

This tool aligns with all eight of the benchmarks set by the Gatsby Foundation in their 'Good Career Guidance' report.

Involves the stakeholders

Outstanding Directions evaluates the current input of stakeholders of the school/organisation and produces advice on how to involve them further.

Encourages parental input

Parental input is also reviewed and suggestions on how to improve it are produced from the results of your evaluation.


It had highlighted the areas requiring the most attention and what's more it produced realistic outcomes to follow.

Jacki WilliamsHead of Careers, Kesgrave High School

Outstanding Directions was very useful when it came to suggesting ways of improving careers guidance with the school.

Andy LevittCareers Education Manager, Headlands School

Very easy to use and offered very clear information.

Janice McGhieWBL & CEG Co-Ordinator, Bradford Academy

Very clear and straightforward to use.

Anne MorleyCareers Mentor, Sir Robert Woodard Academy

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