Helping students to make the right choices

Helping students to make the right choices

When it comes to choosing GCSE subjects there are a number of factors that will influence a student’s decisions. Parents, friends and teachers can all provide views that a student may take into account however, knowing themselves and their skills are also important.

Launchpad helps students make informed choices about which subjects to study by allowing them to compare their skills against the skills required to be successful in each subject at GCSE level.

Students can compare their skills to compulsory and optional subjects and use this intelligence to make mature decisions. For example if a student finds that they need to improve a number of skills to help them succeed in compulsory subjects, they may wish to choose optional subjects which more closely match their strengths.

Students can also set goals to help them with their skills development.

Ready to use lesson resources saving you time

With careers guidance as additional responsibility for many staff, it can be tricky to dedicate adequate time preparing lesson and homework activities that have real benefits, especially if you are not a careers specialist.

Ready to use lesson resources saving you time

Launchpad comes complete with a range of resources, meaning that the program is ready to use in school and at home. The handy guides for teachers and students means that tutors can easily guide students through a positive, valuable lesson without the need for a lot of preparation.

Lesson resources which incorporate student hand outs and teachers notes, focus on a range of key topics including STEM careers and challenging stereotypes.

Launchpad is an activity that I can let form tutors lead on as it is straightforward and gives students results after one session. They all end the session with a stronger idea of why they need to learn each subject and many come and see me afterwards about what they can do to find out more about careers they are interested in.

Amanda, Head of Careers