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Paws in Jobland

Introducing children to the world around them

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What is Paws in Jobland?

Paws in Jobland is an easy-to-use online educational tool that introduces children aged 7 to 11 to a variety of jobs.

In Paws in Jobland, children can explore a town called ‘Jobland’ with the help of Paws, an animated dog. Paws helps children to meet people in different job areas and find out about what jobs they do. This is helped with audio narration and on-screen text, supporting the development of reading and listening skills.

Children can navigate around Jobland and explore places such as a hospital, office, building site, shops and an airport. The online program also offers children a fun interactive quiz that encourages problem-solving and develops ICT skills.

Paws in Jobland helps teachers to deliver many elements of the Key Stage 2 Curriculum in a range of subjects, including English, Mathematics, ICT, Design and Technology, Art and Design, Citizenship, PSHE and Geography.

A set of Paws in Jobland worksheets and teachers’ notes accompany the program to provide useful and interesting lesson ideas. Pupils can use Paws in Jobland to help them complete a range of activities which also support cross-curriculum themes, including creativity, key skills and thinking skills.

Paws in Jobland can also be used as a careers exploration tool for older pupils with additional needs.

Click here to access a Paws in Jobland sample worksheet from the set of worksheets and teachers’ notes which support the use of Paws in Jobland.