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Adult Directions

Inspiring adults with their career choices

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What is Adult Directions?

Adult Directions offers adults of all ages and abilities an outstanding online career and skills matching program that supports their career and employment decisions.

Adult Directions offers flexible entry routes for users allowing them to match careers to their work interests and/or skills. Based on their responses, a list of suitable careers is identified. Details for each of these careers can be easily viewed. Users can explore opportunities by filtering their results using salary level, types of work and employment style (eg, part-time, self-employed). Guidance is provided throughout the program and a new ‘compare careers’ feature helps users to compare up to three careers side-by-side.

Adult Directions also provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on over 770 careers (covering over 1,900 job titles). The program also offers the option of entering health factors that may affect career choice, planning study and training options and looking at a range of topical career-related articles.

To help adults with the next step in their career, they can complete a personalised Career Plan in Adult Directions. As they move through the program they can add careers and articles of interest to their Career Plan. A new skill check feature also compares the user’s answers to the skill questions to the careers that they have added to their Career Plan. This helps users to set career and skills goals.

Adult Directions continues to be the leading career guidance tool in adult guidance and has helped millions of adults with their career decisions for over 20 years.

New for Summer 2015 – To help clients progress into sustainable employment, we’ve added new features to Adult Directions including a CV builder and access to WorkTrack, the UKs best source of live job vacancies.